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Melchizedek, Your order of your own Bluish Flower and Magdalene Descent
Melchizedek, Your order of your own Bluish Flower and Magdalene Descent

New Solar Lord Melchizedek is certainly one who manages brand new Christed pattern away from white -due to the fact invention development

Since i have begun my personal excursion with the Acquisition of Melchizedek, The new Magdalene, plus the Rose Center Origin of your own Divine Mommy, I've had limitless inquiries, since the I am aware each one of you keeps also. Some time ago I did so a talk to your roots of one's secret schools, We noticed it might provide me personally the opportunity to research and you may know more info on new connectivity within puzzle universities of your Goddess lessons plus they puzzle schools out-of ancient Egypt and you will Greece and their connection to The order off Melchizedek. I was able to piece together a much better knowledge of new reputation for this new puzzle colleges, however, around stayed questions for me personally, questions of one's a lot more old record and you can origins of those instruction, so shortly after weeks and you may months out of composing and you can contrasting, I seated throughout the silence and you may asked all the questions I still had during my cardiovascular system and this is the answer I received about Brotherhood out-of Light.

He's got called onward an excellent number of cutting-edge beings so you're able to support your contained in this really works, Avatars since you manage know him or her, ascended entirely. He'd present brand new temple construction within you and you can the brand new time periods off breathing you to establish this new setup on white muscles. Because forehead is established in the human body the entire process of ascension try totally realized regarding the actual mode.

He's got begun the latest works on brand new earthly simple, that the Christ construction of white can be fully emblazoned into the brand new minds out of humanity

In the eons previous extensions of your own really works of one's Melchizedek Buy was indeed place about world, temples that would resurrect brand new white looks out of old. One extension may be the The new Magdalene Buy-Your order of your own Bluish Flower. It absolutely was centered to assist in which advancement of mankind by way of the hole and you will attenuation of the cardio efforts.

The blue flower try a symbol of the latest complex expertise in the fresh new cardio powers. The order of the Bluish Flower is the one such as subset away from new Melchizedek theories that helps with new waking off humankind due to the brand new lessons of your own cardiovascular system. The new Magdalene Purchase is an ancient passage through of the female similar of one's Christ build and you can aligns for the lessons of your own Christed build. I rekindled you to fire, long past known on the times of Lemuria and Atlantis when We first started the fresh new institutions in the world regarding the months one to then followed this new flooding away from Atlantis. We set on the heart of mankind a blue Rose Buy, provided by Magdalene ancestry. It absolutely was a secretive society known only to some of the which carry out discover such teachings of center and you will have been deserving to hold the newest white of redemption. A rose business therefore one to says their root throughout the entire world Venus, this new property of the blue ray light and you may center starting means.

The new bluish flower expanded solid through to this new plains from Venus, even though over time that from a diminished potential just who sought not the ways off realities picked a path regarding dark you to definitely infiltrated and you can was the cause of passing of your own Venusian entire world. I became a leader certainly men at that set and you will area go out. Of a lot temples with the Venusian King away from Eden, the newest Aphrodite that, was mainly based right here. The fresh new temples indeed there glowed which have an indigo blue colour, they lined up individuals who needed entrance to your large realms and you will cutting-edge knowledge and wisdom.

We appeared through this Venusian celebrity-entrance and got towards earthly flatlands to assist rigor and you will strength toward subhuman forms who were inside their infancy for the the eons of time earlier in the day. We prolonged my give to each and every and you may established centers from learning right here that studies and understanding imparted from the temples off that i got come can be common once more using this newly" alt="citas con mujeres coreanas"> shaped people regarding mankind. Such stores had been available to all the who search the fresh new advanced types of white, they contained within this them much degree, transmitted courtesy believe models therefore the opening of your 3rd vision. The fresh indigo blue light ran strong during these temples. We first started the brand new work at the earth the understanding from humankind may wake up in full with the Christed function and you can obtain full knowledge of the real and you will divine setting.

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