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His parents way too much harm him as well as they are not witnessed scolding your actually once
His parents way too much harm him as well as they are not witnessed scolding your actually once

Greg totally despised his young sister, Manny, just like the their mothers constantly cure your for example good prince and you may perform give him everything you the guy desires and when Greg and you will Rodrick was indeed their age, the mothers had been more strict together with them but mostly because of Manny always spoiled or split Greg's house such as keeping an effective cookie to the his game pro and had aside unpunished owed to their parents's pampered cover. During the Cabin Fever, he deterred most of the electricity except the one having their place about electronic committee. While his family is actually striving, he had been watching themselves up until Greg learned which he did it as he was not educated how exactly to tie his shoelaces. The guy usually says to lies and you will gets aside on it such as for instance whenever Greg is playing with Manny inside The newest Year's Eve and discovered a small bit of thread, the guy advised Manny it absolutely was a spider and already been acting in the event that he had been and then make your eat it. Merely then Manny slapped Greg's hands therefore the bond went inside Manny's mouth area and he ingested they and you will advised their mom. He got out from the showing his mommy it had been the shape off a lime and you may Greg are provided for bed very early. He likewise has imaginary nearest and dearest which get your of troubles making your rating even more dessert after-dinner. Their friend is actually Mikey at the time of Hard luck. This is going to make Greg feel crappy due to the fact the guy doesn't have one relatives. Greg's hatred out-of Manny is actually high to the point that he tend to mine any chances to acquire back at the Manny for payback, because of the calling Manny Ploopy an identical abusive insult Manny designed throughout Church inside the Easter, resulting Manny breaking down weeping and you can Greg leaved the newest church which have good gloated smile to the his face.

Susan Heffley

Susan dearly wants the girl 2nd man no matter if Greg indeed will not be friends with Susan just like the she have a tendency to embarrass Greg of the contacting him affectionate terms and conditions instance "Sweetie", "Sweetie Pie" and "Honey Bunches". Susan constantly takes Manny out and she would maybe not give Manny you to their imaginary family unit members are bogus otherwise she believes he's going to become traumatized. Greg hates exactly how their Mother never punishes Manny and you can treats him like a great prince and you can ruins your, although the guy altered his password to the Online Kritterz, altered the new adult control and would not supply the code, and you can reduce power in every space but their when you look at the Cabin Fever.

Frank Heffley

Honest believes you to video clips-games are just something to store Greg regarding exercise in which he would make Greg eat noticeably more and you will performs-aside. The guy and threatened him he will send him into the military academy, Spag Commitment in the event that the guy does not shape up during the last Straw. Greg has also been steamed immediately following the guy stole their and you may Rodrick's food on the drawer due to that have an unhealthy foods addiction. Within the Dog-days people say that they don't possess far in keeping apart from dislike to the comic Lil' Cutie.

Charlie Heffley

Considering Greg, their brother Charlie will bring everything you the guy requested your on christmas. But when the guy wanted an effective Barbie Dream Home as he is more youthful (thought it could be a great fort for his toy soldiers), Charlie ran and you can purchased the first thing which had Barbie when you look at the they, this caused Greg to acquire an effective Barbie doll, of course, if Greg questioned your of Turned Genius, the guy had a photo out-of himself about the same size because the container regarding Twisted Genius. When Greg is actually little, the guy familiar with label your "Red" that was due to the fact Greg had yellow sleepwear, however Greg grabbed they undoubtedly. He informed their mom regarding it, and you may she purchased your blue of them, but Charlie gave him new moniker "Blue".

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