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For just what great it did them, Phil
For just what great it did them, Phil

Collins is secure inside the Senate for 5 1/2 even more many years. Dems couldn't beat the girl with Obama or Biden throughout the ballot. This is just a parting shot to try and tarnish the lady winnings.

Then there's the fact the election is chosen by 42k ballots blended in 3 shows out of 12 million cast in reports where there were countless problems with VBM, unsupervised counts, vote collection, illegal ballots, etc.

You can also feel Trump could have obtained WI, GA and WI barring fraudulence, as well as NV and PA.

Does not move the needle after all, Wes but it is just another example the media is actually 100% in leftist fight form 24/7 365 times annually. These are generally relentless. When one side manages the airways towards the level they do it really is an uphill struggle. Bad than I've actually ever viewed female escort Phoenix AZ they and getting worse everyday.

I am not a Republican, and I also'm under no duty are section of a gestalt POV about this. I voted for Trump, but i possibly could tell through the time following the 2018 elections, he had learned little and was driving to conquer.

Assuming Trump was robbed changes absolutely nothing. Thinking Biden while the Democrats include a very clear hazard for this state's continuing as a significant world power and must certanly be ended was more important and pushing in my experience.

This is why I want Republicans to victory . Arguing Trump ended up being robbed centered on anecdotal proof of numerous failed court challenges and 42,000 votes does not reach that goal aim but distracts from this.

That is the thing, Jason

Then there is the fact the election is made the decision by 42k ballots blended in 3 says regarding 12 million cast in claims in which there have been most difficulties with VBM, unsupervised counts, ballot collection, illegal votes, etc. ---------

It's the reason why the Republicans are going to have a tough time in 2022

it actually was a blunder for all the gop allowing the dems to railroad the election through mainly because lots of for the organization disliked trump

if courts and also the gop business have at least produced the appearance of checking the substance from the election, they might take a much better put ... while the dems might be as well

for instance, i off-shored a major element of my wealth prior to the election (not due to the election, but simply for a pension expense)

Biden was just the failure I expected as chairman. Things are merely acquiring bad under your. This might be the pain we must replace the movement with this nation. Really don't want it at all, but We know it had been coming.

The Democrat Party is too authoritarian and too willing to divide people for any single purpose of attaining power for factors to be lasting because they are.

Whoa, Lisa. You are hometown back Massachusetts would not approve associated with the latest element of that declaration. You will be hereby dubbed aˆ?xenophobic.aˆ?

aˆ?No, you can't,aˆ? the guy stated, via pooler aˆ?Not unless you get in front regarding the vehicles when I step on it. I am only teasing.aˆ?

A buddy of mine of working nowadays installed into a Biden promoter by snarkily aˆ?thankingaˆ? your your means the country is going. The Biden promoter halfheartedly attempted to state things are okay. We're able to determine the guy did not actually feel just what he was saying.

Trusting Trump is robbed changes nothing. Assuming Biden and the Democrats include a very clear hazard to the country's continuing as a major world power and should be ceased is a lot more essential and pressing in my experience.aˆ?

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