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How Much Does a Virtual Data Room Cost?

If you're in search of an VDR to manage an M&A transaction or to work with colleagues on a massive project, you must be aware of how much the cost of a virtual data room before committing to one. Some providers charge according to the number of users or storage required and some provide packages that can be used for every project.

Certain VDRs have a pricing structure dependent on the number of pages or documents. This kind of cost can quickly add up for project managers working on lengthy and complex deals. Typically, these companies charge $0.40 to $0.85 for each document uploaded to the VDR.

Other VDRs employ a subscription-based pricing model, where clients pay a monthly cost to use the service. This is cheaper than charging per user or per storage and may help project managers save money on unexpected expenses.

Many VDRs nowadays use the flat fee pricing model. These types of plans provide an initial fee, and include additional fees for data storage, user access, and features. These plans are suitable for a wide range of projects, and are perfect for those who need the use of a VDR for their essential business requirements.

Some vendors will be charged by gigabyte (GB). This is a great option for those who need to store text files, but do not require videos or audio files. People who use this method of pricing should be prepared to cover overages.

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