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Filipina Women Endorse Opinions for the Virginity you to definitely Restrict Ladies’ Sexuality
Filipina Women Endorse Opinions for the Virginity you to definitely Restrict Ladies' Sexuality

Women virginity remains extremely valued among Filipinos (discover Contour 2 ). In reaction toward matter, “How important can it be to possess a lady as good virgin up to she gets married?” over fifty percent of Filipinos (60%) told you it absolutely was essential and you may around step three from 10 participants (28%) thought it important. Merely a dozen% experienced it was not very important. The fresh new valuation from ladies virginity is widespread around the group functions such as for example once the age, sex, marital standing, urban/rural location, and you can academic attainment (which in YAFS3 functions as a good proxy getting socioeconomic standing). Cross-tabulation investigation using X 2 testing indicated zero significant relationships ranging from valuation eHarmony out-of ladies' virginity and you will market features (all of the p's > .1; see Table step one ).

Like previous results on books, ladies virginity is often construed given that a respected provide are supplied by women so you can dudes in the context of heterosexual connections

Since valuation out of ladies' virginity appeared to be common all over demographic details using nationally affiliate investigation, we checked out qualitative profile away from Filipinos from inside the economically marginalized section giving “voice” to meaning-and also make up to virginity. Virginity is equated so you're able to a beneficial female's really worth and overall personhood, hence its exceptional worthy of once the a present. Notice another focus class exchange with metropolitan parece pseudonyms):

Together with and past construing women's virginity because the something special, the qualitative investigation indicated that men and felt women virginity due to the fact a variety of award becoming said relating to heterosexual battle for females. These interviews excerpts exemplify this framework regarding virginity, which is better than the earlier present metaphor:

Dudes thought that female could be confused or disadvantage (dehado) if they actually got sex that have men apart from the original people exactly who received brand new honor of virginity

Construing women's virginity a lot less provide for females supply however, due to the fact a reward for males to claim for themselves offered to change department regarding female. Contained in this build regarding ladies virginity, guys are brand new effective agents regarding sexual quest, contending facing both during the a game title away from heterosexuality to-be the first ever to begin a female toward areas of sexuality. In place of throughout the virginity-as-present construction in which a good woman's well worth is tend to faster so you can an effective one-time embodied capital you to definitely she you will definitely commercially always bestow or perhaps not, on the virginity-as-award framework a woman are arranged because a fixed target, appreciated to your proven fact that few other guys been able to will her first (nakauna), sexually-speaking.

Filipino men during the desire organizations, as in the above mentioned extract, generated several recommendations to presenting sex which have a good virgin as the bringing to help you a female earliest and you can, ergo, staking some kind of heterosexual men claim on the a lady-a possession one other men wouldn't be able to deal aside. So when a-one-big date prize, women couldn't share its virginity to virtually any most other partners it thus prefer.

It religion are reinforced because of the an excellent stigma it ascribed so you're able to women whoever virginity had started reported. Instance female was known as latak, a great Tagalog phrase definition dregs otherwise meaningless leftovers.

When you are Filipino dudes recommended virginity while the a significant characteristic of females ahead of wedding, Filipina female advertised as often otherwise sometimes even alot more strict and limiting viewpoints on female virginity condition. Actually, questionnaire study showed that Filipina female ascribed characteristics towards women's virginity normally or even more than guys perform. Of your own ladies in the survey, 63% believe women's virginity to be very important, compared with 56% out of teenage boys (find Shape step three ). Complete, 89% of women thought virginity to-be sometimes essential otherwise extremely important. It was maybe not rather unlike brand new ratio of men whom sensed while doing so (86%).

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