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Running your recruitment processes remotely: A complete guide

You could leave the call running while you step out of the room, or simply call them back after the allotted time is up. A support system is vital because remote work isn't always picture perfect. It can undoubtedly cause loneliness, anxiety, or depression if the employee does not have dependable people in his circle. Based on your company, employee base, product/services, clients, communication etiquette, and legal policies, you can build an ideal remote work tech stack. When employees work virtually, they cannot see the other person's face, catch their tone or expressions.

  • Be sure to personalize the note by mentioning specific details from the interview.
  • Let’s take a closer look at some of the best remote job sites to place your job posting.
  • We treat candidates and clients alike and aim to exceed all service expectations.
  • You can just ask the potential candidates if they are familiar with these processes and hire someone who has these basic skills and experience.
  • And it may be a good idea to take a look at that day’s Daily Telegraph, or our website, too.
  • To make your hiring process more reliable and to prevent candidates from dropping out during it, follow our quick tips to nail your recruitment process in a remote or lockdown setting.
  • When your company has a rock-solid recruitment process, it will help you to attract and retain talent.

We select candidates for interview based on their skills, qualifications and experience. We offer detailed support and advice throughout interview processes and also maintain contact once the candidate has started their new position, to ensure that the move has added the anticipated value. With most people working remotely at the moment, hiring managers will be keen to introduce you to the wider team, remotely of course, to better understand if you mesh well.

remote interview

Everyone wants to make the right hire, so make sure you are open to effective change to ensure you do not lose out on top talent. So, don’t just stick to the “we have always done it this way for our recruitment” mentality. We know that millions of people could be out of work and clearly, there’s an appetite for jobs. However, you may find it difficult to find the right person for your job; and if so, you aren’t alone. You could argue that now is the ideal time to hire, as more people are away from the office and unemployment rates are soaring. However, we can also appreciate that a weakened economy is going to make organisations nervous and unfortunately, impact their ability to recruit.

Employers often look for individuals who are disciplined as well as talented. Lack of discipline in individuals leads to delayed work, below-average work or missed deadlines. COVID-19 rendered a majority of the workforce unable to travel to the workplace to curb the spread of the virus. An employee or colleague, or someone you know personally outside of your company, recommended the candidate. Maintaining a professional and polite demeanor throughout the follow-up process is essential. This means avoiding aggressive or pushy behavior, which could harm your chances of being selected for the position.

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This shows that you are proactive and responsible, and it also keeps you top of mind for the interviewer. During the interview, the interviewer may have mentioned that they would follow up with you on a particular item, such as a reference check or a second interview. If you adopt this method correctly, you will have a snapshot of each of your top candidate’s skills and capabilities that match your defined core list of skills for the role. It is important for employers to ask candidates about their workspace, the equipment they might need, their access to first aid kits and understanding of fire safety whilst working from home. You must ensure your new hire can hit the ground running from a technical perspective with little or no additional training. Please send us your CV here and your information will be forwarded to the consultant in charge of recruitment for similar positions.

Clear objectives need to be established for remote workers from the offset and regular evaluation of these should occur regularly during the onboarding. A successful hiring strategy is hard to master, and your process could be unreliable. A hiring process can fall apart when it’s strategy is weak or lacking. This can be due to lack of communication, clarity regarding the role or company and many more factors.

Top 15 Remote Job Boards

Talk with your chosen recruiters or hiring managers and finalise an offer after taking into account your financial budget for the role and the candidate’s expectations. This means your hiring process to find people with the desired skills and experience should be effective, unbiased, and not too lengthy. Ticking all these factors will help mitigate the stress of recruiting top talent and getting things to move along more smoothly. As well as doing online interviews using conferencing tools, you could also ask candidates to complete a video interview. With a video interview, you set a number of questions which a candidate must film their answers to.

In conclusion, remote hiring in the UK requires careful planning, effective communication, and the use of the right tools and technologies. By following best practices and being mindful of legal requirements, employers can successfully hire remote employees and build a strong, effective team. Remote hiring has become increasingly popular in the UK due to the ongoing pandemic and the rise of flexible working arrangements. Many companies are now looking for ways to expand their workforce without having to worry about geographical boundaries or physical office spaces. However, remote hiring comes with its own set of challenges and best practices that must be followed in order to ensure a successful hiring process.

Technological Skills

To make your hiring process more reliable and to prevent candidates from dropping out during it, follow our quick tips to nail your recruitment process in a remote or lockdown setting. There are many benefits to using technology in the interview process - especially to screen candidates and help combat any bias. However, I think there will be a continual uphill battle against hiring managers who want to get a real feel for a candidate before they hire them. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your workforce and hiring process have become entirely remote and that means your normal recruitment strategy is no longer possible.

How to do well in a remote job interview?

  1. Practice with the tech the interviewer uses.
  2. Present yourself well through your attire and background.
  3. Do your research on the company and its culture.
  4. Build a rapport with your interviewer.
  5. Prepare questions and take notes as you go.

After all, a lot of professionals will be nervous about changing jobs when the economy is so uncertain; so, you’ll want to help instil confidence in your candidates and urge them to apply. While there is generally no right or wrong time to test a candidate, the process must be streamlined and ensure that any testing doesn’t delay it. Where strong communication skills are essential for a role, but a candidate has scored low, you could shape questions around these skills in the interview. However, personality profiling should not be used in isolation - rather as a guide. A balanced scorecard approach to a candidate assessment offers a structured model to review your top candidates with.

You can assess the decision-making skills of the potential candidates by sending a test link that does not work because you removed one character from it. If a candidate finds the test online and submits it then the candidate possesses both problem-solving and decision-making skills. Also, assign them a deadline that’s shorter than the timelines given for usual tasks. Provide them instructions to keep track of time and ask them to send a sample on their working day. If you get a proper plan with stages showing work progress then you have found your perfect remote working employee. We have put together a short guide of questions you can ask to ensure you successfully and efficiently hire employees remotely.

  • You should also incorporate a video of the hiring manager or team leader talking about the role.
  • Remember – you should be able to ‘sell’ the deal and include any benefits or offer perks the company provides to keep the candidates engaged and interested.
  • Employees who can manage their time effectively by scheduling meetings and working on regular timelines with no interventions are more productive.
  • Virtual hiring requires you to search and assess potential candidates remotely, without meeting the candidates face to face.
  • As a result, the best way to safeguard your business will be through a probation period, which most businesses already have.
  • With us InHunt World, we will make that problem go away, and you can be sure that finding new team members in the new country will not be an issue.

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