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Leo was truly the only non-bionic child regarding the Davenport-Dooley family relations if you do not Published What
Leo was truly the only non-bionic child regarding the Davenport-Dooley family relations if you do not Published What

, in which he gets bionic as a result of Douglas giving your bionic parts while the their arm is actually harmed by Taylor. Later, inside Go up of one's Miracle Troops, he unlocked another type of feature. They are supportive off their mother's relationships to Donald Davenport. On their first-day stepping into their stepfather's residence, he came across Adam, Bree and you may Chase. He was linked to them in the future and addressed her or him due to the fact his individual sisters. At school, Leo is definitely the man at the "base of food chain" once the he or she is one of many smart babies (Break, Cut and Shed). However, with their sisters, he had been in a position to go the brand new 'food chain' and you can starts discover present in college or university.

Leo are dedicated, compassionate, and you will practical. He has presented this type of qualities in different issues, specially when their family members was involved. In Year step 1, the guy demonstrated their loyalty so you can their siblings by staying with him or her in spite of the chance he might be damage (Rats with the a train); by sacrificing their day that have Janelle-and ultimately, his coverage-if the chances of her or him dying turned impending (Straight back In the Future); and also by keeping the secret of employing the bionics at school even with the final result regarding your not being able to wade so you can an event they are been surfing toward planning (Goal Hidden). He implies that he cares in their mind and you can about how precisely they become during the isolated occurrences, like as he welcome Pursue so you can get himself by letting him have fun with his tip so you can beat the latest exoskeleton (Exoskeleton compared to. Grandma); as he apologized in order to Adam and you may Chase for indicating him or her right up at dance (Leo's Jam); then when the guy bonds which have Donald (Must i Use new Helicopter?). Their question over their better-being is visible a whole lot more inside Year dos. Shortly after learning the real truth about him, the guy turned into a whole lot more aware in their mind, also risking themselves once more to prove to their friends the fresh new issues you to Marcus gift suggestions (Leo vs Evil).

Using his experience with science and you will road smarts to quit a beneficial high-price show (Rats toward a train) and you will using the simple some thing he sees to drain out an effective poisonous gasoline throughout the a purpose (Missin' the latest Mission) are a couple of days. Despite this, to your multiple days, he fails to grab account of the possible outcomes away from their methods.

His intelligence and you will disease-solving enjoy came to experience in several circumstances

But not, Leo can be manipulative and you will notice-centered in certain cases, which often is due to their unpopularity. They have cheated their siblings' bionics many times. They have used Bree's look at your because the this lady nothing sis to catch a trip to help you their groups and then have his 'forgotten' homework (S's awesome fuel so you're able to earn the school physical fitness difficulty (Death Spiral Smackdown); plus the dad-guy dating he could be formed that have Donald being select a film his mommy forbade your observe (Task Conflicts). Leo in addition to easily turns arrogant in the event that one thing beginning to wade their ways, and you can acts stuck-up, generally speaking resulting in him losing returning to the ground sorely. He as well as commonly blows their achievement otherwise duties of ratio, while making himself out since the more crucial, popular, and you will profitable than he is really.

On Donald's consult, he left view more their sisters, especially when they were as much as Marcus (Rates Swept up)

Leo even offers a habit of developing his or her own issues; instance, he got involved when you look at the Dominant Perry's personal elevator, which he try using despite pupils getting forbidden (Processor Option); your convincing Bree to help you abuse the lady bionic vocal manipulation leading to both of them are discover (Uncle Down) and disabling Chase's bionics and you may unknowingly amplifying his bionic aggression (Spike's Had Ability ). The guy as well as often lays, and you will spends lying to try to resolve their troubles, normally needlessly; however, which backfires into the your because it keeps kept other people distrusting from him, meaning the guy both keeps troubles convincing her or him whether or not informing the fresh new basic facts, as demonstrated together with services to share with her or him Marcus was worst.

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