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Within the 1983, Nancy began relationships Steve Harrington, a well-known son at school, making out with him « many times »
Within the 1983, Nancy began relationships Steve Harrington, a well-known son at school, making out with him "many times"

Barbara Holland, generally referred to as Barb, try a repeated profile in the 1st year away from Complete stranger Anything. She was an informed pal out of Nancy Wheeler. Inside later 1983, Barb mysteriously vanishes, leading Nancy and you can Jonathan Byers to investigate the girl disappearance. Sooner, it actually was indicated that she was slain by the Demogorgon. In 1984, pursuing the a bill off Hawkins Lab's wedding within her death, she received an actual funeral service.


Created September 13, 1967, Barbara The netherlands is the fresh new daughter regarding Mr. and Marsha The netherlands and you can was raised inside the Hawkins, Indiana. In advance of and up through to the sixth-grade, she was best friends having Robin Buckley, but later the 2 destroyed contact. [1] She went to Hawkins High-school and at one point turned the new companion out-of Nancy Wheeler.

Barb searched wary of Nancy's relationship with Steve and her increasing prominence. She indicated their dislike regarding Steve's nearest and dearest Tommy and you can Carol, telling Nancy she planned to remain "hanging out" along with her.

Barb hesitantly offered to drive Nancy so you're able to a celebration from the Steve's home. In the party, she tried to shotgun an alcohol is also, starting it that have a knife very she'd participate in the others - not, she occur to reduce her hand-in the procedure. It contributed to Barb visiting the toilet to often this lady hands although the anyone else uncaringly carried on having fun versus the lady.

Feeling crazy, Barb encountered Nancy since the she went upstairs so you can Steve's room. She psychologically advised so you're able to Nancy one she thought she is actually acting superficially, rather than becoming genuine to herself. Nancy did not simply take the woman absolutely, brushing the lady away from and you will informing the girl to go domestic.


A lonely Barb sat from the now unused pond, considering their reflection and contemplating. While the she performed thus, blood out-of the lady injury trickled as a consequence of the woman bandage, splashing and you can dissolving in the water. The newest Demogorgon is lured because of the scent, abruptly searching about her and you can move the lady on the Ugly. Jonathan Byers inadvertently seized this moment on the camera when he hid regarding the nearby foliage.

Harm and you can puzzled, Barb woke upwards regarding the Upside Down's version of the new pool, which had been blank. Upon observing the fresh new Demogorgon, she made an effort to rise outside of the pool, but she was pulled back and murdered by Demogorgon. Although not, the newest Demogorgon failed to entirely consume her.

Around once Barb got merely awoken from the Ugly, Commonly Byers is walking down the street nearby when he heard this lady whines to have help because the she cried aside for Nancy several times. Have a tendency to went as fast as he could, however, by the point the guy reached the newest pond, Barb was gone as well as that was left out of the woman had been the pair off cups one she had been putting on. [2]

One another Nancy and you may Mrs Holland became increasingly concerned about Barb when she failed to appear to college a day later. When Will's (fake) system try receive, a good devastated Mike returned domestic in which his mother and father was ending up in Barb's parents, Nancy ultimately with indicated that Barb okcupid reviews is destroyed. A short time later, Eleven, when you are engrossed from inside the a deep psychic county, scoured the new Upside-down to get Barb and can Byers. She discover Barb's human body, seeing a-slug-eg creature slithering of Barb's lips and you may across the this lady face.

Later on you to definitely nights, Master Hopper and you may Will's mom Joyce inserted the new Upside-down away from anyone library once the look for Have a tendency to went on; they walked beyond the stays of Demogorgon's sufferers, also Barb's corpse.

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